Bumper Stickers

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I have got these "BUMPER STICKERS" from an American friend of mine (Surprised? Yes, I still have one :-) ). Some of them are too good as not to pass them on!

Bush/Cheney '04: Four More Wars!

Bush/Cheney '04: Apocalypse Now!

BU__ SH__!

Bush/Cheney '04: Because the truth just isn't good enough!

Bush/Cheney '04: Compassionate Colonialism

Bush/Cheney '04: Leave no billionaire behind!

Bush/Cheney '04: Putting the "con" in conservatism

Bush/Cheney '04: Thanks for not paying attention

Bush/Cheney '04: The last vote you'll ever have to cast

Bush/Cheney '04: This time, elect us!

Bush/Cheney '04: We're Gooder!

Bush/Cheney '04: Assimilate. Resistance is Futile. Don't think. Vote Bush!

George W. Bush: A brainwave away from the presidency

Vote Bush in '04: "I Has Incumbentory Advantitude"

Vote Bush in '04: "Because every vote counts -- for me!"

Vote Bush in '04: Because dictatorship is easier

Vote Bush in '04: It's a no-brainer!

Bush/Cheney '04: "Leave no child a dime!"

Don't Blame Me, I voted With The Majority


The last time people listened to a bush they wandered in the desert for forty years.

Support the environment -- Plant a bush back in Texas.